House of Manji – Assorted Biscuits

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House of Manji’s Assorted Biscuits are a selection of their finest products, offering a variety of flavors and textures. This 1000g pack includes biscuits that have stood the test of time and won international awards. The assortment provides a large selection of favorites from the House of Manji, making them a popular choice not only in Kenya but also in Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

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House of Manji is a well-known brand in East Africa that offers a variety of biscuits, cookies, breakfast wafers, cakes, and more. Their products are made using the purest ingredients including Kenyan honey, butter, and ginger.

Their traditional biscuits are a flagship of the Manji brand and have won the prestigious ‘Le Monde Selection Gold medal. They also offer cookies that have chocolate chips for the chocolate lovers, crunchy nuts for the nutty lovers, and their butter cashew nut cookies fill your mouth with a light buttery taste and are also enhanced with almonds or cashew nut for your enjoyment3.

Their outstanding quality makes them second to none and the most desirable products in the market2. They offer a range of products including traditional biscuits, sandwich cream biscuits, savoury & crackers, budget packs, tins jars loose biscuits, and mini packs

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